The Band

From our first thoughts, music influenced our lives, so we had to interfere to keep alive whats important to us and change what plagues us.

Loss Of Resistance is a Metal Band from Bad Kreuznach, officially founded by David Lehnart (drums) and Eric Zeidler (vocals) in Germany 2004. The band name comes from a term of the epidural anesthesia. The band members themselves describe their style of music as "gut violin" as it was impossible for them to objectively define on one of the genres in the murky soup of metal styles, and they operate in their songs in various stylistic devices. After several cast changes and a new beginning, the lineup remained stable since the end of 2006. On February 19th of the year 2008, Loss Of Resistance brought their first demo "Born Into The Cold".

The Name "Loss Of Resistance"

Loss Of Resistance is a method that anesthesists use to anesthetize especially pregnant women before an operation or birth.

We were born as human beings and we have the ability to decide even against our natural instincts. Decide, what to do and how we do it. But we also have the disposition to take the way of the lowest resistance, to let us float and finally let ourselves go.

Oppressing is as part of our nature as being oppressed, from the beginng of our times to the end, nothing will change that. Because everywhere in the world someone decides to oppress, another one will lose his resistance and puts up nearly everything, even if he is going to be abased, degraded or oppressed. NEARLY.

Even though it's hidden,
Everything implies,
Opinions, lamentations,
Sorrow, worries, praise.

Death and life,
The invincible trends,
Failure, aspiration,
Is Loss of Resistance.


Name Function
Bastian K. Bass
Eric Zeidler Vocals, Lyrics
Frank Dillschnitter Guitar
Michael Michalik Guitar
Stefan Schitteck Mixer Tap
Marius Jung Drums

Former Members

Joel de Blois - Drums
Marc Lunkenheimer -Guitar
Martin Born - Guitar
David Lehnart - Drums
Michael Lamberti - Lead Guitar